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About Us

Established in 1996, FREE 4 ALL is a privately-owned literacy initiative that enjoys the support of the National Department of Education.

There are four tabloid-sized newspaper publications in the FREE 4 ALL stable:

  • My First FREE 4 ALL for Junior Primary
  • FREE 4 ALL Early Edition for Senior Primary
  • FREE 4 ALL for High School
  • FREE 4 ALL Holiday Edition for Families

Total Monthly Print Order: 250 000

FREE 4 ALL is committed to inspiring, educating and informing the youth of the country.

Our company values include integrity and honesty, speed and efficiency, professionalism, the building and sustaining of relationships, reliability and loyalty.

Our Objectives

Literacy and numeracy

To promote the enjoyment of spontaneous reading to reverse the declining literacy and numeracy levels in South Africa.

Social Responsibility

To break down socioeconomic barriers by providing urban, peri-urban and township readers with identical newspapers.


Our publications encourage readers to submit material, write letters, enter competitions and have their voice heard, all of which adds to a sense of ownership and enjoyment value.

Learn to read, so you can read to learn.
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